What My Neighbor's Pine Tree Can Teach Us About Growth

by Nina Post

Our neighbor has a pine tree directly in front of his house that sticks several feet into the adjacent road. The branches are high enough that cars don't hit it, but every delivery or construction vehicle that comes through smacks into it.

Yet every spring, the tree presents a triumphant array of several dozen middle fingers to the world and its oppressors as it grows another two feet.

This tree is literally hit by a truck every week, sometimes every day, and keeps growing. It doesn't let that stop it. No, it's not massive. It's a modest-sized tree. But it's indomitable.

Our neighbor's pine tree is an inspirational metaphor for the small company experience. The tree has the right model. Does it feel like the same thing is happening to you? You can survive, and you can grow. Keep taking small actions.