Movie Recommendations For a Long Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, and aside from paying our respects to those who lost their lives in the service of our country, we could probably fit in a couple of movies. These aren't thematic for the holiday and most aren't on Netflix streaming; forgive me.

When you need to get creatively inspired by real people:

Abstract: The Art of Design - particularly the architecture and graphic design episodes [Netflix streaming]

Lambert & Stamp

Beauty is Embarrassing

When you want to get in a better mood and watch something British:

Sing Street [Netflix streaming]

Love & Friendship

The Trip [Netflix streaming]

The IT Crowd Manual [Netflix streaming]

Sexy Beast

Withnail & I

When you want to get in a better mood (and don't even care if the thing you watch is British or not!):

The Station Agent

Soul Kitchen

What We Do in the Shadows


Good Bye Lenin!

Chunking Express

The Dinner Game

Galaxy Quest

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

World of Tomorrow [Netflix streaming]

When you're in a knock-hats-off kind of mood and are fine with staying that way:

With a Friend Like Harry

Blow Out

The Guest

One Hour Photo

Roger Dodger

Nightcrawler[Netflix streaming]

Spotlight [Netflix streaming]

The Invitation [Netflix streaming]

The Big Short [Netflix streaming]

When you want to watch something about crime but also want to be in a pretty good mood:

The Matador

You Kill Me

Sexy Beast

Lucky Number Slevin [Netflix streaming]

I hope you find something you like, British or not, and that you find some to add to your list for another weekend! 🎥