The Zaanics Pursuit

Jewel thief Cate Lyr came out of hiding to protect the three books her ancestors created in the fourteenth century — books that contain a prophetic vision of the future that no one has ever cracked. Now Cate must work with a resourceful attorney and a childhood friend to keep the second book out of enemy hands, while solving puzzles and finding missing words in a secret language to decipher a vision of the future.

Starting in a former top-secret Army base under the Greenland ice, where a horrific virus was unleashed during the Cold War, this chapter in the series continues to the coast of Kauai, the center of Paris and the port towns of Calais and Le Havre, the mountains of the Chechen Republic, and Cate’s hometown of San Francisco. When her friend is taken hostage, Cate has to locate him and give him information that will enable the two of them to decode the prophecy — and stop a lunatic sect leader from deploying a monstrous virus.  

Cate’s own sister, greedy for power, wants to sell the books to the highest bidder, and may prove to be Cate’s most dangerous foe. Her mother, a longtime career spy, is hiding even more than Cate thought. And in the Army base under the ice, Cate begins to uncover truths about her family’s secrets that could help her stop a runaway train of destruction — but also make her question everything she thought she knew about her life.