The Zaanics Deceit

Cate Lyr has struggled to build a new life halfway across the globe, far from her wealthy San Francisco family. But when her vengeful sisters take control of the family empire and threaten to expose the secrets that her ancestors have safeguarded for centuries, a trusted confidante asks her for help. Cate teams up with her allies to secure the first of three priceless books and collect clues that may help crack a puzzle that has evaded and bewitched scores of people over many centuries.

But she's not alone. Arcane, often lethal societies grown from monarchies, betrayers, and religious cults want the books for themselves - and Cate's own family is working against her. Who will be first to crack the prophetic vision and take control of the future?

From modern-day Istanbul to plague-stricken 14th century Paris, from San Francisco's financial district to the tropical islands of Micronesia, The Zaanics Deceit features intriguing characters, exotic locations, and page-turning suspense, and would appeal to fans of Dan Brown, Katherine Neville, and Kate Mosse.