The Last Netherworld of the Apocalypse

Kelly Driscoll is supposed to be on hiatus from her job as manager of Amenity Tower, but she needs money, and the barn her boyfriend bought has a spectral bee infestation. And while Kelly knows never to take a job offer at face value, she accepts a proposal to track down an immortal women’s restroom designer named Sun. The target was last spotted in Gridlock City, so Kelly—along with her dad, the single-purpose angels, and Af, the former angel of destruction—drive non-stop to get there.

When Kelly first locates her target, she decides to not turn him in until she finds out who she’s actually working for. She follows Sun to find out more, but he goes missing after accepting an award for his design of the women’s restrooms in the Ghostburp Hotel. She and her team meet Bes, an Egyptian goddess working as a travel nanny, and Lemur, an angel who puts songs in people’s minds, and Penny, a woman who leaves her body behind and joins them as a floating disembodied head.

They search for the bounty through a series of strange netherworlds, looking for clues to Sun’s current location. But after a narrow escape from the largest employer in the netherworlds, a bewildering experience on a college campus, a side job in a labyrinth, and an inescapable dentist office and airport, things look bleak—and Sun is nowhere to be found.

When Kelly discovers where Sun is, she scrambles for a vendor to build a customized portal in a netherworld cafeteria so she can get back home and stop a plan that would obliterate all of the netherworlds. And as the condo board makes a trip to flush five very special toilets, her boyfriend negotiates a life-changing deal with a powerful entity, and her replacement manager at Amenity Tower teeters on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Kelly has to hustle like never before to find Sun and save the netherworlds from destruction.