The Last Death Worm of the Apocalypse

Kelly Driscoll has a steady job as building manager of Amenity Tower, but she’s struggling to find her place under the shadow of the former (and beloved) manager. Just before the big holiday party, a ruthless corporate bean counter imposes an onerous set of demands. Meanwhile, Kelly’s boyfriend — the mild-mannered Angel of Destruction — embarks on an ill-advised road trip with a chaos demon and a grim reaper so he can get back the money he paid to a fraudulent meditation guru.

As the building’s board members covertly plan the next apocalypse, Kelly keeps the building running despite a zombie infestation, problems with the new death worm lap pool, and the bean counter’s obsession with the shiny new condo tower across the street.

But during the building’s big holiday party, the bean counter reveals her true nature, the lap pool becomes a serious interdimensional problem, and monsters invade the city, jeopardizing Kelly’s job, relationship, and future. Can she save Pothole City and Amenity Tower, and get back her mojo as building manager before it’s too late?