How I Help

Your Strategic Partner for Brand Messaging and Benefits-Driven Conversion Copy

As your strategic partner, I get to know your company, your audience, and your challenges. And from the moment we start working together, I look for ideas, solutions, and tactics that support your business goals, while working creatively and efficiently with time and resources.

And as your ally, I'm also inclined to warn against feature creep, murky positioning, ill-advised brand extension, imprudent pricing, flabby strategy, errant prioritization, customer disconnect, funnel friction, and other weak points when I see them. My overriding goal is to help your company grow, so if I see roadblocks, I’ll mention those to you.

How I Can Help Your Company

Research & Positioning

  • Putting together a competitor messaging audit to expose the overplayed messaging everyone else is using and you should avoid, and to get more indications of where to leverage customer language on your site.
  • Using comprehensive customer and competitor review mining to uncover and illuminate the customer language you should incorporate. This also gives you a better understanding of which core features you should be working on and guards against feature creep.
  • Creating more specific positioning that speaks directly to your target customer segment.
  • Drawing out elements of your story to humanize your brand and build trust. A lot of business owners take their story for granted, but the more you tell your audience about your story, the more customers will trust you and your product. It often takes an outsider to see what customers would find fascinating.

Benefits-Driven Website Copy & Effective UX

  • Your bland, feature-focused, company-centric copy will transform into benefits-focused copy. This lets the customer know what’s in it for them, gets them to keep reading, and guides them to buy.
  • A stronger, more compelling, and benefits-focused value proposition will make you singular in a sea of competitors, show the right customer segment that they've found the perfect solution, and get your reader to keep reading down the page.
  • Clear and optimized landing pages and lead-gen forms that reduce friction, confusion, and anxiety will let your copy and UX work in harmony to lead the right people to take the right action.
  • Push the button, Frank! Specific and benefit-based call-to-action buttons with improved color, text, and placement will boost clickthrough rates and reduce anxiety by letting the reader know what to expect. A clear text and design match to the target page will reassure customers they’re on the right page and reduce funnel drop-off.

Email Campaign Strategy & Copy

  • Segmented email sequences (welcome, onboarding, reengagement, and more) based on best practices will deliver useful and valuable content in your brand voice. It also results in reduced churn and additional upsells—along with happy and informed customers.