Danger Returns in Pairs

Homicide detective Shawn Danger just started a new job in his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Although he's tried to put his troubled past behind him, it quickly collides with the present as he is called to his first crime scene, where he finds the body of a childhood friend.

The reclusive songwriter was brutally stabbed, leaving only four living members of the group that once bonded over unstable homes and violent fathers. Even more disturbing, Shawn finds a drawing suggesting the murderer came from within the group -- and that the killer's work isn't finished yet.

As he hunts down the elusive killer and searches for the next intended victim, Shawn looks for leads in unusual places, worries about his cat, and tries to find time to celebrate his girlfriend Sarah's birthday. But as distractions from his family, girlfriend, and even his captain get in the way of the investigation, can Shawn find the killer before he becomes the next victim?