Danger in Cat World

On the verge of losing himself in his work, a homicide detective investigates the murder of a reclusive heiress, but when he discovers a window to another universe and dozens of cats begin appearing out of thin air, he must embrace the unknown to solve the case.

Shawn Danger is the hardest-working homicide detective in Jamesville County. His job means everything to him, and when he's working a case, he barely has time to feed his cat — let alone mess with frivolous things like his family or a love life.

After a reclusive heiress is murdered, Shawn begins an intense pursuit of the killer. As he combs through the crime scene and interviews the suspects, he discovers a mysterious object that lets him see into another eerily-similar universe. A terrible crime was committed in that world as well, and Shawn can't help but wonder if the two are somehow connected.

Meanwhile, he must deal with an equally peculiar problem: dozens of cats are appearing in his house out of thin air. Plus, earthquakes are shaking the town, and he's not the only one who senses that something ominous is coming. Can Shawn embrace the unknown and find the answers he needs to solve the case, and can he act quickly enough to restore balance between the two worlds?