• Otto Mata, Esquire

    A caustic matamata turtle plies his trade as the world's best maritime lawyer at the bottom of a Louisiana swamp. Despite the outrageously excessive settlements he gets for his clients, Mata finds validation elusive -- especially from his father, a legendary proctor of admiralty. He's a dedicated fighter for maritime workers, but self-doubt threatens his peace of mind. (I write and illustrate this comic.)

  • The Corpse and the Danish

    A melancholy corpse and a gregarious pastry struggle to stay physically intact in the worst possible line of work -- as itinerant tour guides. Corpse's temperamental self-indulgence grates on Danish's optimistic spontaneity, and vice versa. Can Danish lessen his reliance on constant social interaction and learn to be comfortable with himself? Can Corpse overcome his poor self-image and uneasy social persona? (I write and illustrate this comic.)

  • The Sloth and the Sloth Moth

    An introspective three-toed sloth and the angry moth that lives in his fur operate a micro-business in Costa Rica, giving and receiving messages for paranoid types. The sloth cultivates awareness, but avoids the messy reality under the tree cover. The moth is loyal and responsible, but belligerent. Can the sloth stay connected enough to grow the business, and can the moth stop treating customers as hostile outsiders? (I write and illustrate this comic.)