• Danger in Cat World

    On the verge of losing himself in his work, a homicide detective investigates the murder of a reclusive heiress, but when he discovers a window to another universe and dozens of cats begin appearing out of thin air, he must embrace the unknown to solve the case.
  • Danger Returns in Pairs

    After returning to his hometown, a homicide detective investigates the brutal murder of his childhood friend, but as the evidence points to another face from his past, he must decode a cryptic series of clues to track down the killer.
  • Extra Credit Epidemic

    When a brilliant and reclusive high school student uncovers a small cluster of foodborne infections, she reluctantly teams up with a science teacher and two other students to investigate, but as the cases start to multiply, she realizes that she’ll need more than just her sharp intellect to find the source of the outbreak.
  • The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse

    When a down-on-her-luck monster hunter has to find a fugitive in a condo building that's home to fallen angels and dimension-hopping creatures, she discovers the hidden power of Cluck Snacks, learns that her new boss has a sinister agenda, and teams up with an unlikely group of allies to prevent an apocalypse.
  • The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse

    As Pothole City races to rebuild, a bounty hunter-turned-building manager must find a missing Cluck Snack executive, settle a bitter dispute between warring donut shops run by Gorgon sisters, and foil a plot that threatens to unleash demons and eradicate the eccentric angels that keep the world running.
  • The Last Death Worm of the Apocalypse

    Kelly Driscoll has a steady job as building manager of Amenity Tower, but she’s struggling to find her place. Just before the big holiday party, a ruthless corporate bean counter imposes an onerous set of demands. Kelly’s boyfriend embarks on an ill-advised road trip with a chaos demon. And when the bean counter reveals her true nature, and the lap pool becomes a serious interdimensional problem, Kelly has to get her mojo back, and fast.
  • One Ghost Per Serving

    Desperate to regain his family's affection, a self-doubting father embarks on a quest to win a seemingly impossible contest, and discovers he's the only one who can stop a supernatural pathogen from spreading throughout the food supply.
  • The Zaanics Deceit

    Exiled from her wealthy San Francisco family five years ago, Cate Lyr has struggled to build a new life for herself halfway across the globe. But when her vengeful sisters take control of the family empire and threaten to expose the secrets that her ancestors have safeguarded for centuries, Cate must learn the family's constructed language, evade dangerous secret societies, and team up with a childhood friend to set things right.